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September 14, 2018

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UGP's Declassified School Survival Guide: Organizing Your Planner


Staying organized in college is a hard task. As an engineering student, a leader of two organizations on campus, creator of a Latina mentorship program at a local high school, and a graduate school applicant... I have learned a few things that have helped me stay on top of everything. 



TIP #1.




Review all of your syllabi, dates for orgs you are involved with, work days, etc and write down everything! This helps with not overbooking yourself or forgetting you had something to do. So, when someone asks, "can you meet Friday January 30 at 1?"  you should be able to reference your planner and say ''yes,'' or "no." Make this a habit now. It is important later on when you start becoming more involved in multiple things.



TIP #2.


The second any of those dates are changed or postponed, you need to make that correction in your planner. Anytime a professor says, "I’m assigning ____," take your agenda out in class and write it down. If your syllabus for a class changes, make those corrections. 



TIP #3



On the monthly calendar that is also provided, I write "big" things only - so exams or big organizational events. If you ever need a quick reference when planning, the monthly calendar is something you can check. However, you should still have these big things written into your weekly planner.




TIP #4



Reference your planner daily for homework, meetings or todos you set for yourself. On every Saturday or Sunday, check the next week to see what’s coming up.




TIP #5 




Take your agenda week by week and write out other reminders to yourself. For example, I like to write out my study schedule if I know I have an exam coming up. I also write out personal things I have to do, like get an access code for class, buy a book for a class or grocery shop. Pretty much anything you may need a reminder for.If I know that day I have nothing to do that week, I look at the next and see if there’s anything I can get a head start on. If you finish something early, cross it off 




TIP #6



I also like to plan things like my workout schedule, and then write out the times I chose weekly. I also do this for my MCAT study plan - but you don’t need to worry about that unless you choose grad school. I have that sticky note, and at the beginning of every week, I pick at least three times I can workout and study for the MCAT. It’s flexible so if I miss a day, or if something comes up, I still have other times in the week to make up for it.




TIP #7



Write out 5 semester goals, and then remind myself at the end to check and see what I accomplished.







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